Is Genesis history?

October 27-29

a Biblical and scientific study of human origins featuring Dr. Art Chadwick

About the Presenter

Art Chadwick, PhD (University of Miami) has spent more than a year below the rim in the Grand Canyon and 21 years working on the Dinosaur Research Project at Southwestern Adventist University. He enjoys working outside, studying fossils, and gardening.

Weekend schedule

Friday, October 27

Mosaic Café w/ Dr. Chadwick @ 7:00pm

Saturday, October 28

Sermon w/ Dr. Chadwick @ 10:40am

Free lunch served @ 12:15pm

Is Genesis History? documentary screening @ 1:30pm

Q&A w/ Dr. Chadwick @ 3:30pm

Creation/Evolution presentation w/ Dr. Chadwick @ 5:00pm

Sunday, October 29

Dinosaur bone presentation @ 1:00pm

Fall Family Fun Day @ 3:00pm